Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Medicine/

L’association canadienne de la médecine des animaux de laboratoire


Three year term, renewable.  Elected position.


(a)          Review draft minutes for accuracy and assist with preparation of all meeting agendas.

(b)          Review draft President’s Report and ensure accuracy.

(c)          Liaiase with Management group and review all Association correspondence and emails before they are distributed.

(d)          Answer questions arising from members or others about the Association, including through the website

(e)          Assist Management group in completing contract responsibilities, as needed.

(f)           Perform tasks as assigned by President.


(a)     January

·      Contact Management re: the Symposium

·      Book rooms for:

-BOD meeting (Sun AM)

-AGM (Sunday afternoon)

- Luncheon - usually 12:00 - 2:00 pm on the Monday of the convention

-CALAM/ACMASL Session (usually Monday afternoon of symposium).

(b)     Dec/Jan & March

·      Place notice of the AGM, luncheon, session and any workshops in the Nov/Dec and Feb/Mar Interface. Request reply to reserve a place at the luncheon and inform membership that places will be set only for those reserving them. Ask if any require special meals. Ensure RSVP date is prominent.

·      Work with Management group to ensure notice of any open positions is distributed to members by email no later than Feb 1.

·      Ensure notices for nominations for CALAM/ACMAL Charles River Award are sent out to members

·      Work with Management group to:

                 - confirm symposium room bookings

                 - select luncheon menu

(c)     May

·      Work with Treasurer to ensure gifts and thank-you cards are purchased for outgoing BOD members

·      Work with President to confirm all special luncheon invitations are sent and replies tracked

·      Work with President and Management group to prepare AGM agenda and final BOD agenda at least 2-3 weeks before they occur

·      Remind BOD members to send annual report of activities 3 weeks before AGM

(d)     June

·      Solicit from Management group names of members attending luncheon

·      Ensure sponsor thank-you slide is prepared and that luncheon and AGM rooms have appropriate A/V equipment.

(e)     AGM

·      Arrive early, put on each table several copies of:

     - AGM agenda

     - Annual Board Report

     - Salary Survey report

     - Treasurer's Report

     - Tick off members/guests as they arrive

- Members not on the list may stay as long as number does not exceed meals ordered       

-  Delinquent members or new members may stay as long as the number of meals ordered is not exceeded AND they pay their membership dues


(a)          Attend BOD/Executive meetings

(b)          Work with President and Management group to prepare agenda at least 2 weeks prior to T/C. Follow-up with any BOD members re: activity/progress reports on action items from past meetings

(c)            Support Management group in taking minutes and review draft minutes promptly following meeting

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