Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Medicine/

L’association canadienne de la médecine des animaux de laboratoire


Three year term, renewable.  Elected position


·      Maintain accurate records of all CALAM/ACMAL expenses and revenue in the ledger

·      Obtain deposit information for sponsorship and membership from Management group and record in the ledger

·      Reconcile monthly bank statements with ledger and cheque book


(a)           Prepare Treasurer's Report for Board meetings to include:

·      an update of cash on hand

·      an update on investments (if applicable)

·      current income/expense statement

·      an update on all action points assigned to the Treasurer at the previous BOD/Executive meeting

·      Circulate the report to Management group, to be received by them at least one week prior to the meeting

(b)        Attend Board/Executive meetings

3.      GENERAL

·      Perform all banking services

·      Issue cheques (in a timely fashion) for all expenses

·      Invest funds as required in conservative, principal protected cashable anytime and up to 3 year term investments with the banking institution

·      Forward all paypal payment information and information on memberships received by mail to Management group

·      Approval of new members along with the Secretary

·      Perform tasks as assigned by the BOD

4.      JANUARY

·      As per Bylaws, have the books reviewed by an independent reviewer before March 31st

·      Ensure statements filed by financial year end, as required for Canadian not for profit organizations

·      Update BOD listing on Canada Corporations website

5.      APRIL/MAY (one month prior to AGM)

(a)           Prepare the Annual Treasurer's Report to include:

·      Prior year projected revenue and expenses

·      Prior year actual revenue and expenses

·      Current year projected revenue and expenses

·      Explanation of significant variances (Master on disc)

(b)          Circulate to the Board for approval prior to the AGM

6.      DECEMBER

(a)         Project the budget for the next calendar year

(b)        Keep track of all incoming dues. Record in accounts ledger; set up a file for all returned forms

(c)         Issue and send out receipts. Receipts should be duplicated and stamped with the CALAM/ACMAL stamp either in English or French

(d)        Update membership list (changes/corrections)    

7. Management group Responsibilities related to the Treasurer

  • Receive membership renewals in the mail and deposit cheques related to those
  • Receive paypal membership payment emails from the treasurer and process memberships
  • Reply to membership renewals providing receipts
  • Process new member applications – forwarding for approval to Secretary and Treasurer and sending out receipt and new members information
  • Maintain the membership directory
  • Receive sponsorship cheques, provide receipts and deposit cheques
  • Provide deposit information to treasurer on nature of deposits, amounts and dates
  • Membership Directory updates


·         Ensure the contact people and addresses are correct for non-members on the mailing list – liaise with Secretary to update Master Directory

·         Ensure all lifetime members are included in the Directory and that information about them is correct

·         Directories are to be distributed to members by email

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