Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Medicine/

L’association canadienne de la m├ędecine des animaux de laboratoire


Term 3 years, renewable, nonvoting. Appointed by and responsible to the Board.  Must be a CALAM member.

The webmaster will liaison with Management group who will be responsible for day-to-day management of the website.


(a)           Prepare report for BOD meetings.

(b)          Circulate the report to all Board members to be received by them at least one week prior to the meeting. 

(c)           Participate in BOD meetings.

2.      GENERAL

(d)          Ensure the website is easy to navigate and that the content addresses the needs of the CALAM organization. 

(e)           Maintain the site so that it remains a valuable resource for CALAM and the laboratory animal science community.  

(f)           Renew the domain name on annual basis through the current website host and keep webmaster contact information and email addresses current.

(g)          Update information contained on the site or in databases linked to the site and check links regularly to ensure they are working and that the information they provide is current.  Identify new pages to link to the CALAM website.

(h)          Monitor traffic on the site to determine if it needs to be upgraded to handle increased use. 

(i)            Track how often various pages, features, and links are used to update the site to make it more appealing and functional.

(j)            Keep abreast of new technology, understand how to implement it, and know which technologies will enhance the CALAM website.

Maintain file security so that the website is secure enough for the organization to control who has access to confidential files yet open enough so that the public can easily access relevant information.

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