Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Medicine/

L’association canadienne de la m├ędecine des animaux de laboratoire

CVMA Animal Welfare Committee Liaison/Representative

Purpose: To enhance communications and interactions with the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA), and more specifically, offer information, support, and advice regarding CVMA decisions that impact laboratory animal welfare.  To achieve this end, the CALAM/ACMAL BOD has established an ex officio position on the CVMA Animal Welfare Committee to ensure appropriate representation of laboratory animal veterinarians and their concerns.

Term: The term of the appointment shall be three years, renewable once.

Appointment: The CALAM/ACMAL Board will appoint a CALAM/ACMAL member to an ex officio position on the CVMA Animal Welfare Committee (AWC).

Duties and Responsibilities:

1.         Must be a CVMA Member in good standing.

2.   Participate on CVMA Animal Welfare Committee and related activities. Ideally, to ensure good communication, participation should occur in person for at least one meeting annually (opportunities are provided for teleconferencing for the second meeting).This includes forwarding comments and ideas to the CVMA AWC from CALAM/ACMAL.

3.         Participate as co-author/author on relevant papers submitted by members of the AWC to Canadian Veterinary Journal (CVJ).

4.         Submit Association news items received from CALAM/ACMAL Secretary for publication in the CVJ.

5.         Apprise CALAM/ACMAL Board and membership of matters arising in CVMA that are of mutual concern.

1.      Submit semi-annual reports (minimum) to CALAM/ACMAL BOD summarizing relevant AWC activities and liaison participation.

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